Trash The Dress | Post Wedding Photography

Trash The Dress | Post Wedding Photography

Want a unique way to commemorate your destination wedding? We suggest a trash-the-dress photo shoot! From passionate kisses on the shoreline to taking the plunge underwater, destination couples are (literally) diving headfirst into this fun trend. There are a few things to keep in mind, so heed this expert advice from wedding photographers to get the perfect shot.


Time of day matters. “There are specific times of the day that work best with underwater shoots—the hour right after sunrise and the hour just before sunset,” says Sunny Mathur. If your desired locale is popular with tourists, Mathur suggests scheduling your shoot early in the morning or during the workweek to avoid crowds. For further privacy, contact the location in advance to see if you can pay a fee to enter before general public hours.

Expect the perfect photo to take awhile. For underwater shots, Mathur suggests acclimating to the water as soon as possible and prioritizing the types of shots and poses you want—they usually take three times longer than you think. Looking for a fully submerged look? Laura Grier says the shot can be tough to capture. “It’s necessary for the couple to weigh themselves down in the water with a weight or rock, and practice holding their breath beforehand.” If deep-water shots are a must-have, Mathur suggests investing in a small air canister that can be easily hidden.

Be shallow. While the aforementioned shots are impressive, Grier is a firm believer in shooting in shallow water that can reflect light. “If the water is too deep you won’t get the colors you want.” She suggests finding a shady area with reflected light to get vibrant colors.

Buy a new dress. A trip to the dry cleaners might be all your wedding dress needs to recover from a trash-the-dress session. But just in case, Grier recommends buying a long white dress that you wouldn’t be devastated if it was destroyed. Extra tip: Make sure it’s not too heavy so you won’t be dragged down in the water.

Wear a swimsuit. Good to know: A white wedding dress can easily become transparent when wet. Grier recommends that brides wear a white bikini under the wedding gown to avoid any (ahem) surprises.

Waterproof your look. “Wearing your hair down is probably the easiest way to go,” advises Grier. Not a fan of the wet-hair look? “Opt for an updo and add a fun veil,” she suggests. Be sure to apply makeup that can withstand the elements, especially mascara and eyeliner.

Have fun.  Both experts agree that the most important part of the photo shoot is to have fun. “The key to getting good shots is when both the photographer and the couple are up for any type of challenge,” says Grier. “Be ready to climb anywhere and don’t worry about getting wet!” Mathur adds, “You’re creating once-in-a-lifetime art pieces for your home, so enjoy the process and love every moment.”

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